adidas GO

How we created a game-changing idea by asking ourselves the simple question:

”What if instead of you listening to music, the music would listen to you?”

adidas GO

Making you a better runner with music

Before coming to us adidas had spent years inventing the boost material and was about to announce their biggest product launch to date: The all new Ultra boost.

70% of runners regularly do it with their headphones with music or podcasts, while making their efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. We found out there was an unexplored territory in between running and music, and more specifically the lack of music-focused experiences for the millions of people who run to the beat.

That was how the idea behind adidas GO was born. As most other running apps focus on collecting data such as kilometers, calories and speed, with we saw the chance of creating a fundamentally different, more emotionally driven experience for the millions of people that run with music. An app where music adapts to you and your running pace.

A first of its kind running app
After launching adidas go in April 2015, it quickly became adidas fastest growing app to date.

The campaign was covered by Gizmodoshape.comhighsnobiety and several major news outlets around the world, paving the way for Spotify, Nike and others to copy-in the same functionality into their apps.

adidas GO