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Are you fast enough? – MARKUS SCHRAMM

Are You Fast Enough?

How a Reebok billboard became an award-winning viral internet success mentioned by ADWEEK, Fast Company and Campaign.

A billboard that really motivated

When it comes to running, Reebok is rarely top of mind. To launch the ZPump 2.0, we literarily had no time to waste with the runners. We were tasked to create an interactive experience that could grab both consumer and media attention.

Competition and setting goals are the core motivations to running performance improvement. So we installed a built-in speed-cam into an outdoor billboard, measuring the pace of the pedestrians walking by. Anyone who could run past it faster than 17 km/h would unlock a box of the ZPump 2.0.

Becoming an overnight success

The campaign saw:
• 300 000+ viral views on YouTube
• 30 000+ shares on Social Media
• 27 725 858 SKR in earned PR value

It was covered by several major news outlets around the world, was honoured finalist in Cannes Lions, Bronze in Clio Sports and was chosen as ”16 Brilliant Outdoor Ads That Rocked the Real World in 2016” by ADWEEK.

Are You Fast Enough Runner Are You Fast Enough Runner