Be more human

How an athlete over trained his body, ruined his career and identity. Then miraculously made his way back to the top again.

Karl Dyall

The athletes who never gave up

Reebok’s brand message is Be More Human aimed towards athletes meaning being the best version of you –physically, mentally and socially. But international campaign messaging from the US is sometimes for Scandinavians hard to relate to.

We were tasked to create an extension to the global brand film with a Nordic interpretation. We created two short films highlighting athletes Karl Dyall and Madeleine Vall. People who the fitness community could relate to. For Karl Dyall, dancing on stage was everything. It became his identity. His career. And ultimately, his downfall. One day, he woke up and could no longer move. His extreme training routines had lead to a ruptured back and Karl was ready to give up. But he didn’t. On his road to recovery, he discovered CrossFit. Against all odds, he made a full recovery and even climbed the top CrossFit ranks.

With the film we sent a local message making the target group resonate with what ”Be More Human” was all about.