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Minecraft Social Media – MARKUS SCHRAMM

Minecraft Storytelling

How to cater a 480 million audience when everyone has their very own set idea of what Minecraft is.

Expanding the Minecraft Universe

It’s considered by many to be the game of its generation. An international phenomenon with nearly 200 million copies sold. And unless you’ve been living on the moon, you probably already know these things.

So how do you cater to such a broad range of fans to the franchise and especially if everyone has their very own set idea of what Minecraft is?

As Creative Lead at Mojangs Creative and Strategic Social Media Partner Animal I was leading the creative work of developing a Creative Strategy together with Creative Executions. From strategy to written idea, to storyboard, animatic and final touches, to ensure that all visual expressions in the final product are pushing the boundaries of how beautiful a pixelated block could look like, while staying true to the brand. This included number of recurrent themes, that just about every player, new or seasoned, can identify with. Whether it’s whimsical situations to find oneself in, prompting to play the game in a certain way or learning something entirely new, our content shows the audience all the different aspects of Minecraft and provides them with the tools to have the greatest in-game experience.

Themes such as:

Edutainment – Designed to educate as well as to amuse, these simple stories put you in the know when it comes to tackling a certain situation, expanding on uses of blocks and items or how a mob behaves when you “accidentally” poke your sword in their side.

Common fails – Whether it’s basking in someone else’s misfortune or seeing your same mistakes being repeated, failing is a common denominator for all players alike. With limitless ways to play the game comes infinite ways of failing. Hopefully, this theme can save some poor soul out there.

The Field Notes – The Field Notes theme takes a page from notes recorded by scientists or researchers in the course of field research. It teaches our audience how an item is crafted or where it can be found. Did you know that turtle shells let you breathe a little longer underwater? Or that fireworks give a boost to your Elytra? No? Didn’t think so…

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