Reebok Forever

How a pop-up tattoo parlour took the world by storm and got mentioned in the Dagens Industri, The independent and Le Figaro.

Reebok Forever Tattoo

Pain is temporary. Reebok is forever.

A couple of years ago, Reebok set out for a new beginning. As a symbol of the transformation, we were tasked to create a new brand mark that quickly became a cultural statement for our core community. Still, most people in the Nordics were unaware of Reebok’s identity, values and its linkage to CrossFit.

Who could better tell the story about a brand than the people who love it? So we opened a pop-up tattoo studio during the Tough Viking competition in Stockholm. Only one emotive was available – the Reebok brand mark.

Stirring up controversy across the globe
The campaign got massive attention across the globe both online and in printed press.
• 366 000 000 media impressions.
• 7 000 000 earned social media impressions.
• 94 people inked their bodies with the Reebok logo.

The campaign become highlighted in several marketing textbooks, gigantic news outlets and Adweek highlighted it twice.

Reebok Tattoo Reebok Tattoo Reebok Tattoo Print Reebok Tattoo Reebok Tattoo