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here How an escalator meltdown at a tube station in Stockholm got mentioned by ADWEEK and became the national news headlines powered by a local CrossFit team. go

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Reebok Escalator

Realising Reebok’s brand tagline

We were tasked to bring Reebok’s tagline, ’Be More Human’ out in a campaign to catch attention and build the brand in the CrossFit community.

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go site In February, the capital of Sweden underwent a major escalator meltdown across its entire subway system. It lasted for weeks and in some cases people were forced to walk up to 180 steps; a major struggle for a lot of commuters. The breakdown quickly became a headline in all major news outlets in the country.

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go here Within 24 hours, Reebok joined forces with a local Crossfit team and hit the subway. Equipped with nothing more than some sponsored t-shirts and a positive attitude, the team helped people carry suitcases, dogs and even people themselves.

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get link broker opzioni binarie con conto demo Getting half of Sweden’s population to start talking The campaign saw:
• 4 500 000 Swedes reached
• 3 000 000 reached in Social media
• 10 000 000 SKR in earned PR value

see The response was overwhelming. The news spread in all major Swedish news outlets such as Aftonbladet and Nyheter24. What started out as a local initiative for Stockholmers soon reached 40% of the Swedish population and within days became a talking point across the globe.

Reebok Lift Reebok Lift