Tatchies – The touchscreen glove

How an e-com and retail brand generating massive attention, got featured by CBS12, Vanity Fair, Paris Fashion Week and sold over 10.000 units worldwide.


The first touchscreen glove in Europe

Late 2010, the iPhone and Android had launched. The entire world was buying touchscreen phones like hot cakes, yet this seemed to have gone unnoticed by all glove makers and retail stores.

Our aim was to create the first touchscreen friendly glove from scratch with a sleek Scandinavian design. Powered by the brand idea that anyone could stay social, stylish and warm with their phones. Simultaneously.

Tatchies was the first European touchscreen glove brand going global rolled out at stores all over Europe. The brand was founded by David Prentell, Markus Schramm, Nazanin Binisi and Hampus Schäring with the marketing approach to target urban creative professionals. Therefore the e-commerce experience and packaging design was a huge part of the launch strategy.

Celebrated as the world’s best e-commerce site
The website was an instant success within the target group, winning “site of the day” at Awwwards, theFWA, getting hundreds of mentions by web design-blogs and Tatchies soon became the no.1 touchscreen brand amongst urban creative professionals.

• 100.000.000+ media impressions
• 1.000.000+ website hits
• 10.000+ units sold

The site still appears as one of the top examples in the first organic search result for “best e-commerce site”.

Tatchies E-com