Svenska Spel Telefonen

How all major Swedish news outlets including Aftonbladet and Nyheter24 started writing about a state owned betting company’s instagram account.

Svenska Spel Telefonen

One phone. A new owner every week

As you can imagine the institutionalised government owned gaming operator, Svenska Spel never was a hot topic in social media. Despite having been one of the main sponsors of sports across the country for years, they were having a hard time to stay relevant amongst their audience.

We figured there had to be a better to than to just print their logo on the back of a jersey. So we created an Instagram account and put it on a phone and sent it to a new owner every week with the simple idea: Svenska Spel Telefonen on Instagram.

One phone. No strings. No rules. Just an unfiltered look into the lives of some of our most beloved Swedish athletes. It started with our beloved all-star hockey player, Peter Forsberg and his very own homemade selfie-hockey stick.

Striking gold with the media
After a marvelous kickstart by Forsberg, the phone has been in the hands of a dozen famous athletes and teams. It has traveled to four different countries and even struck gold in the European U21 Football Championship. Since we launched Svenska Spel Telefonen, the content has been highlighted several times in major Swedish sports media raking up 15000 followers on Instagram and generated 15 000 000 in PR value.